What is Buddha Dhamma ?

What is Buddha Dhamma ?

Ques:  What is Buddhism?

Answer: Buddhist words are derived from Bodhi. Which means awakening. In this way, Buddhism should be called the philosophy of Jagriti. Siddhartha Gautam attained enlightenment at the age of 35. From which this philosophy was born. Buddhism today is more than 2560 years old. Which has about 380 Dashlaksha (million) followers in the world. A hundred years ago, Asians were prominent among those who followed Buddhism, but over time, its followers in Europe, Australia and America are also living.

Ques: So is Buddhism just a philosophy ?

Answer: Philosophy is made up of two words. Philo means love and Sophia. So Philosophy means rational love or love and wisdom. Both meanings fully explain Buddhism.

Buddhism teaches that we should develop our intelligence fully so that we can understand clearly. And it also teaches that we develop friendship and compassion so that we can become true friends of each one.

So Buddhism is not just philosophy. But this is the best philosophy.

Ques: Who was the Buddha?

Answer: 563 BC in Northern India. A child was born in the royal family. He grew up and grew up very comfortably. But he felt that the facilities and security of the world do not give complete happiness. Seeing grief around him, he was very distressed and resolved to find a way to liberate grief. At the age of 29, after abandoning his wife and child, he went out to learn religion at the feet of the best religious gurus of that time. He taught him a lot, but none of them knew the cause of man’s grief and its destruction. Six years of continuous practice, struggle and meditation, he felt the destruction of ignorance. From this day onwards, he began to be called “Buddha”, ie one who woke up. After this, he lived for 45 more years. His compassion and peace was amazing, he had thousands of followers. At the age of 80, in the condition of old age and sickness, he gave up his body with utmost peace.

Ques: If he was called Buddha on attaining enlightenment, then what was his name before that?

Answer: The name of Buddha’s clan was Gautama, which means ‘best cow’, which was a symbol of prestige and wealth in those days. He was named Siddhartha, which means ‘to achieve the goal’, a name that a king would like to give to his son.

Ques: Was it not irresponsible for Buddha to leave his wife and children?

Answer: It would not have been easy for Buddha to leave his family. He must have gone through a lot of confusion and confusion before leaving. Had to make a choice here; Surrender to family or the world. Finally, he devoted himself to the welfare of the world. Humanities are taking advantage of this till today. His planetary renunciation was not irresponsible. It was probably the world’s biggest sacrifice.

Ques: What is Buddhism? And when Buddha is no more today, how will he help us?

Answer: Faraday, the inventor of electricity is no more, but his invention is still useful for us. Louis Pasteur, who sought treatment for many diseases, is not today, but his medical discoveries are still alive today. Leonardo Da Vinci, who created a unique artwork, he is not today, but his artwork still makes our heart happy. Even if the great people passed away, their compositions and achievements inspire us even today.

2500 years have passed for Buddha, but his education still helps people. His ideal still inspires people, his words still change people’s lives. Only a Buddha has power for centuries.

Ques: Was Buddha the God / God?

Answer: No, Buddha was not a deity. He did not claim that he was a deity, or a deity, or an angel. He was a human who perfected himself and taught that if we behave according to his teachings, we can also be perfect.

Ques: If Buddha is not a deity then why do people worship him?

Answer: There are many types of worship. Some people ask for something for themselves by praising God in worship, offering them gifts, with the reverence that God will listen to their praise, accept the offering and fulfill their wishes. Buddhists do not perform such worship. The second type of worship is that in which we express respect for our ideal. When teachers come to class, the students stand up, when we meet with the dignitaries, they shake their hands, when the national anthem is played, we give a salute. All these respects and our manner of worship only show how much we have attachment to specific people or things. This is the worship of Buddhists.

The statue of Buddha with his hands in meditation posture and his compassionate smile remind us to seek peace and love within. The fragrance of incense sticks evokes the memory of the all-pervasive aroma of piety, the light of the lamp reminds us of the light of wisdom, and the flowers that are soon to dry up withers remind us of eternity. When we bow down, we express our gratitude for what we have received from the teachings of Buddha. This is the meaning of worship of Buddha.

Ques: I heard that Buddhists worship idols?

Answer: This legislation only shows the misunderstanding of the people. According to the dictionary, the idol is called that which contains a statue or picture, which is worshiped as God. And as we saw, Buddhists

Namo Buddhay

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